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Big Book of Dinosaurs

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Young paleontologists will explore the amazing age of earth’s mightiest animals in this beautifully illustrated encyclopedia

Dinosaurs dominated the Earth for more than 150 million years, and they’ve been an endless source of fascination since fossils were first discovered. These traces of their existence constantly revolutionize what we know about the captivating creatures, and Big Book of Dinosaurs includes the latest theories and findings! Kids will be able to follow in the footsteps of paleontologists as they learn what a fossil is, how they are preserved, and where the main fossil sites have been found. They’ll explore the different eras of ancient Earth, including the three main ages of the dinosaurs, and read about dinosaurs’ extinction. Meanwhile, every colorful page is filled with illustrations charts, fun facts, and more. BONUS: Children can test their knowldge with a two-page quiz at the end.